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Nutrient uptake and yield scenarios under field conditions

In work package 7, mechanical and biological measures for subsoil melioration are incorporated into field-scale plant growth models for the first time, supported by high-resolution 3D soil root models. To this purpose, work package 7 integrates the knowledge gained from the central field experiments (work packages 1, 4, 5, and 6) and virtual soil-root systems (work package 3) in the first phase into a field-scale yield model using the SIMPLACE modeling platform. With this field scale model, simulation studies on nutrient uptake and plant yields will be carried out based on data series mainly from the irrigation trial in Thyrow, and the central field experiment CF1. The model validated in this way will then be the starting point for regionalization (work package 9). Modeling at the field scale was largely completed in Phase II; in Phase III, the effects at the regional level (Work Package 9) will be increasingly considered.

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