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Assessment of subsoil characteristics

In work package 1, relationships between the abiotic soil matrix and soil microorganisms were investigated, with a focus on the long-term field experiments. Soil microorganisms convert dead biomass and are thus drivers of carbon sequestration and nutrient release. This alters habitat characteristics, leading to restructuring of soil (micro)flora and activity patterns. However, to date these relationships are only understood for topsoils and are poorly known for soils below the plow horizon, so harnessing the potential of subsoils to provide nutrients to plants is poorly described. In phase II, this work package was complemented by an estimation of erosion losses (selected long-term field experiments) and abundance of pathogenic organisms (mainly fungi) in the long-term field experiments, as a basis for a later risk assessment of subsoil management. In addition, we will analyze biopore effects on areas with repeated intercropping in cooperation with the Bonares project 'Catchy'.

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