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From the plant via the field towards the national scale

Our experiments, trials and sites cover the entire scale from the individual plant (microcosm experiments) via the field scale (long-term field experiments, central field trials, and old melioration sites) to the national level (German Soil Inventory Agriculture).

Microcosm experiments allow us to understand effects of individual factors on subsoil processes, while long-term field experiments across Germany give us insights into site-specific interactions of these factors. In our own central field experiments, we test the short- and medium-term effects of subsoil management at the field scale. Long-term effects of these management techniques on soil and crops are investigated at old melioration sites (Trepesols and abandoned subsoil experiments). The status of German arable soils in terms of existing subsoil resources and constraints on their use will be estimated by upscaling individual sites via the German Soil Inventory Agriculture.

In order to test our Soil3 technique in practice, on-farm demo trials were set up in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as in Brandenburg.

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