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Core aspects of Soil3

How is the Soil3 technique evaluated?

  • The mechanical subsoil melioration developed in Soil3 will be compared, in terms of its benefits for soil quality and yield increase, with biological subsoil melioration, i.e., the use of deep-rooted pre-crops such as alfalfa, as this also increases the accessibility of subsoil resources. In addition, the benefits of combining both melioration techniques will also be investigated.
  • Regional characteristics such as soil type and climate are incorporated into the evaluation of the different techniques.
  • Socio-economic factors of the Soil3 technique are elicited by calculating the process parameters based on the Central Field Trials and demo trials, and the acceptance of the method among users is determined in surveys.
Target regions
Target regions for mechanical (deep plowing, deep loosening and the new Soil3 technique) and for biological (biodrilling by precrops) methods of subsoil melioration.
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